What We Do

With the professional use of our DRONES we can take wonderful aerial shots to obtain photos and videos in full HD and 4K format as well as very accurate and sophisticated radiometric and thermographic videos. We have a fleet of five drones, two of which are DJI S900 Drones with a high payload capacity
that can accommodate a full HD/4K video camera as well as a FLIR radiometric thermal camera for thermographic surveys.

Thanks to high definition photographic and video sensors and an infrared radiometric thermal camera we can deliver:
4K and full HD aerial photos and videos for all types of requirements

  • Aerial surveys
  • Aerial videos for promotional events, races, companies,
  • Inspections of building structures and facades for institutional agencies, municipal authorities, condominiums, surveyors and designers
  • Inspection of roofs and cover protection
  • Identification of energy dissipation in buildings using a drone borne thermal camera
  • Identification of leaks and mapping of underground warm fluid piping systems
  • Thermal mapping and hotspot control of photovoltaic panel fields
  • Inspection of dams, bridges, viaducts, pylons
  • Inspection of antennas
  • Inspection of refinery torches
  • Inspection of wind turbine blades

Quality, Professionalism and Safety!