Who We Are

“FotoRilieviDroni” (Davide Porro: Flight Instructor – Pilot APR Mc L/VL-CRO) is a company focusing above all on photo and video shoots in the fields of real estate, the building industry, tourism and company promotional events.

My passion for technology, my perseverance, my steadfast commitment and the skills I gained over the years enabled me to present a professional market offering and today FotoRilieviDroni is part of this fascinating world of new and stimulating working tools.

I pilot Remote-Controlled Aerial Vehicles and Multicopters for Very Light/Light Critical Operations and in FotoRilieviDroni we use exclusively professional drones with specific payloads depending on requests and requirements as dictated by the customer and the type of mission.

FotoRilieviDroni has all the necessary ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) authorisations because all of our drones are registered for specialised critical operations even in urban areas.

You can consult the ENAC list of “Remote-Controlled Aerial Vehicle System Operators” (in Italian known as “OPERATORI SAPR”)and you will find our Remote-Controlled Aerial Vehicles and their relative specifications.

Quality, Professionalism and Safety!